Free Vintage Badges (8 Total)

Free Vintage Badges

I don’t know about you, but I love vintage design. I could create vintage inspired graphics all day. There’s something about vintage badges that add a sense of trust to a site. Even though we know in our hearts that something isn’t really vintage, especially on the web, we can’t help but to love it. Today, I created a set of free vintage badges you can download. There are 8 vintage badges in total, and there are several different styles to choose from, which you can see below.

Free Vintage Badges

You can download these vintage badges for free. They are in Adobe Illustrator format. Each badge is made up of different parts, which you can ungroup and edit to suit your own project. These badges are free to use in personal or commercial projects, and you can use them without providing any credit. I only ask that you not redistribute them, or sell them anywhere. To access these badges, click the download button below.

Download Vintage Badges

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